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Social networks: Parler launches new lawsuits against Amazon

Written by mac

Talk, the social network popular with the conservative right-wing U.S. and supporters of Donald Trump, has launched new lawsuits against Amazon, accusing the technology giant of defamation, breach of contract, and anti-competitive practices.

The platform launched the procedure Tuesday evening, after having withdrawn its initial complaint against Amazon for having cut off access to its servers. It had also been banned in January from Apple and Google’s download platforms because of content that could incite violence and lack of moderation, in the wake of the Capitol riots

Speaking accuses Amazon of “persecuting start-ups that appear to it to be threatening”, according to the complaint filed in a court in Washington State (Northwest). The plaintiff believes that it is “only the latest victim of Amazon’s efforts to destroy a rising technology star through deceptive, defamatory, anti-competitive, and bad faith behavior.

Talk, which claimed 20 million members before it was blacklisted, took more than a month to find a way back online. The decisions by Amazon, Apple and Google were made after the January 6 riots in Washington, D.C., when supporters of Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Congress to try to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s victory.

The major platforms had then purged themselves of extremist accounts supporting the former president, who himself was ousted from Facebook and Twitter. But for Parler, who claims to be a champion of freedom of expression, the reasons given are “false” and do not reflect the real motivations of Amazon and AWS, its powerful cloud branch (remote computing).

“Before all this happened, Parler was about to raise money and was valued at a billion dollars – and AWS knew that,” argue lawyers for the conservative network. “Because of the illegal actions of Amazon and AWS, Parler lost tens of millions of current and potential users – many of whom migrated to other platforms – and hundreds of millions of dollars in annual advertising revenue,” they continue.

Parler’s executives did not specify which hosting provider had agreed to sell its services to them and to supplement Amazon to restart the social network in mid-February. They only indicated that it was now relying on “robust, viable and independent technology”. “Talking is run by an experienced team and it’s here to stay,” said Mark Meckler, the network’s interim general manager.

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