Leaks reveal a surprise in the upcoming iPhone for the year 2021

Written by mac

Leaks related to the new Apple iPhone 13, which is expected to be launched this year, continue, the latest of which is the reveal of a number of new features.
Leaks, described by the American magazine “Forbes” as “reliable” and “close to Apple”, indicate that the new version of the iPhone will come with AirPods 3.
Apple did not reveal information about the third generation of AirPods, but the leaks confirm that its design will be based on the AirPod Pro, with the wireless charging feature, and it will come at a higher price.

The phone between a transparent screen or no screen!
The new headphones will also support many improvements such as those associated with the voice assistant “Siri”, in addition to mitigating external sound effects during calls or listening to music, in addition to additions in the volume control options and other functions.
And there were reports that there is a shortage of chips used in the production of iPhone 13 phones, which may delay its launch.

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