Laptop Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Book vs Pro vs Pro 360 2021

Written by mac

Compare the Samsung Galaxy Book laptop to the Pro and Pro 360-all three models will be available in 2021, with upgraded specifications and an 11th generation Intel Core smartphone. Before I do in-depth benchmarking and testing, this is a hands-on review of these Samsung laptops. The new Galaxy Book Pro is very different from that vanilla model. The more advanced models come in two different sizes, both with AMOLED displays, while the standard version is only 15.6-inches with a PLS screen. The Pro selection is by far one of the best portable laptop choices of 2021, and it has a lightweight and impressive tight-fitting design. At the same time, the size of the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is somewhere in between, but it has a convertible design that can be converted into a tablet. You will get touch screen support and a bundled S Pen stylus. This is how the specifications of these three laptops are compared with other products. The full review is expected to be released soon! Samsung Galaxy Book vs Pro vs Pro 360

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