Jaguar I-Pace, a great achievement

Written by mac

In Great Britain and more precisely in Cumbria, there is a so-called Great Dun Fell road which is quite simply the highest in the country, with an altitude ranging from 547 to 848 m. Hence Jaguar’s idea of ​​trying his hand at the “Everest Challenge”, a difficult exercise since it consists of traversing the winding road several times to reach its summit and thus totaling the equivalent of an ascent to the top. ‘Everest, or 8,848 m. A challenge often tried by cyclists like Olympic medalist Elinor Barker. She was the one chosen by the feline brand, but this time with her hands on a steering wheel (and not on the handlebars), that of the 100% electric I-Pace SUV. With a range of 470 km (WLTP) with its 90 kWh battery, the I-Pace was able to achieve 16.2 climbs of this stretch of road, using braking energy recovery technology on each descent to generate nearly 60% additional energy. In total, this SUV has driven 199.6 km with still 31% of energy available to travel 128 km. A great achievement

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