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Instagram chief admits to failing Reels to TikTok

POLAND - 2021/02/09: In this photo illustration, an Instagram logo seen displayed on a smartphone with a pen, key, book and headsets in the background. (Photo Illustration by Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
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Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said he’s unhappy with the Reels service launched as a direct competitor to TikTok. According to Moseri, the Chinese company ByteDance’s social network is clearly outperforming its American counterpart. However, he said that Reels’ development would continue and outlined plans for the future of this platform.

When the popularity of TikTok exceeded all expectations and expectations in 2020, large IT companies had to adapt to the new situation and look for ways to attract part of the audience from the social network of ByteDance. As a result, in the past year YouTube has taken over the shorts format, Snapchat – Spotlight, and inside Instagram – the Rells service, which copies TikTok functions almost entirely. Reels has been met with controversy from users, largely because she didn’t give them anything innovative about the short videos. According to Instagram chief Adam Mosseri on The Verge podcast, Reels still leaves a lot to be desired. “I’m not happy with it yet,” Mosseri said. He said the platform is seeing growth in terms of reposts and perspectives, but that much remains to be done. “We have to be honest that TikTok is ahead of us,” says the Instagram chief. Mosseri noted that the Reels team is currently focusing on the “initial offer” required for the service to become a full participant in the market along with the rest of the competition, but will have to figure out how exactly the platform inside Instagram will differ from the rest. As an example of these differences, Mosseri cited TikTok’s innovative creative features, such as filters and effects, that drive new video formats that have become memes. The Instagram boss admitted that while the photo hosting developers don’t create their own filters, they should be thinking about it in the very near future. In addition, the discrepancy between the current video formats can now be seen on Instagram. According to Mosseri, “most people” do not understand the difference between videos uploaded directly to Instagram and videos uploaded to IGTV, a service within Instagram, where the videos can be longer than 60 minutes. Mosseri believes the company needs to somehow combine all existing video formats, including Reels, to make publishing easier and more understandable for users. If only one type of video was available at the dawn of its journey on Instagram, now, with Stories, Reels and other posts being introduced, the common man on the street might really have a misunderstanding, given that the app’s management is trying to please all segments of its audience. In the past few months, Reels has seen many updates – video lengths can now be up to 30 seconds instead of the original 15 seconds, new music options are popping up, and the ability to shop through Instagram Shopping is becoming available. If you believe the optimistic remarks of Adam Mosseri, in the future, users are waiting for additional updates. The audience for Instagram and TikTok are converging, and at the same time, the matter is different, and in terms of hype, the Chinese platform is now significantly advancing, says Mark Sherman, managing partner of the B&C Agency. “It was not possible to catch up with TikTok due to the fact that Reels provided almost the same functionality, but the whole question is whether it was worth creating a universal app where everything is available to users, or it was necessary to create a separate platform, not a function within Instagram. ? Global experience indicates that very often a company that has already become a leader in its sector can still remain so with a high degree of probability with the correct use of significant financial resources and the following innovations. For example, Netflix was and remains a leader in online video despite fierce competition. The niche of posting photos is not in dispute, it is powerful in Instagram, while TikTok also does not stand still and is constantly improving its algorithms, encouraging bloggers, creating its own ecosystem, etc. Sherman said there are stories on Instagram that seem to rival Snapchat as well, but attempts to take on TikTok’s niche have not yet been crowned with success.