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Facebook will launch its connected glasses with Ray-Ban

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Mark Zuckerberg reveals that Facebook’s glasses will be released in collaboration with Ray-Ban. The social network’s CEO aspires to create a “metaverse,” a parallel realm in which real and virtual worlds merge.

Augmented or virtual reality is one of the favorite topics of the Facebook social network. The American firm is multiplying projects such as the Oculus Quest 2, the Facebook Horizon social platform and its connected glasses project. Its CEO Mark Zuckerberg regularly indicates that the future lies with connected glasses and this project will finally take shape. When announcing the latest

financial results of the Californian giant, he confirmed the imminent arrival of a pair of glasses in partnership with Ray-Ban. “The next product release will be the launch of our first smart glasses by Ray-Ban in partnership with EssilorLuxottica. The glasses have an iconic design and allow you to do some very interesting things. So I can’t wait to put them in people’s hands and continue to progress on the path of augmented reality glasses, ”said Mark Zuckerberg.

The project has been known for a long time and rumors evoked a merger between Facebook and Ray-Ban in 2019. Called Orion internally, this pair of glasses was intended to replace the mobile phone by making it possible to take calls, access the Internet. information and even broadcast live. The Endgadget site recalls that these glasses were quickly compared to Google Glass rather than Snap Spectacles, which are less autonomous and attached to a smartphone. These glasses of the future, however, should not hit the market right away.

According to Mashable, who quotes a Facebook spokesperson, the American firm would be satisfied with more classic smart glasses. The latter should indeed depend on a smartphone to function, like the Snapchat Shows. “When we talk about augmented reality glasses, we imagine them with a built-in screen to provide overlay images. The smart glasses – which we are building with Luxottica [which owns the Ray-Ban brand] – will rely on an external display (eg phone), ”the spokesperson said.

With its next product, Facebook wants to give a taste of what awaits the general public, but that should lead the company to some adjustments. Ray-Ban glasses should be closer to what already exists, such as Spectacles or Echo Frames. However, the social network wants to take this opportunity to develop a “metaverse”.

  • Facebook and the “metaverse”: the ambition of Mark Zuckerberg *
    The term is trending among digital giants and refers to a parallel universe where real and virtual end up merging. Mark Zuckerberg considers the “metaverse” to be the “Holy Grail of social interactions”. Interviewed by The Verge, he presents this universe as “the successor to the mobile internet” and wants to make Facebook a major giant of projects that seem straight out of a science fiction universe. The concept of “metaverse” actually first appeared in the 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. More recently, the film Ready Player One, directed in 2018 by Steven Spielberg and inspired by the eponymous novel, evokes the “metaverse”. It is also found in the Fortnite game with the virtual concerts of Travis Scott. Now it is the turn of the digital giants to take hold of the concept, with the hope of making it real.

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