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Euromillions: a record jackpot of 202 million euros put into play on Friday

Written by mac

The previous historic jackpot of 200 million euros was won last December by a Frenchman.

Are you going to try your luck? The Euromillions jackpot put into play on Friday February 19 the historic amount of 202 million euros. An amount reached after only seven draws without a winner.
“After being rolled over three times in a row, the Euromillions prize pool was boosted by a mega jackpot of 130 million euros during the draw on February 5, 2021. Since this great draw, they are four draws which did not find a taker despite very strong crowds with an average of 33 million grids played on Tuesday evening and more than 40 million grids played on Friday, ”explains the specialized site

If it is not won on Friday, this record jackpot could swell further, up to the maximum ceiling of 210 million euros. recalls that since its launch in 2004, the European lottery has reached four times the maximum ceiling set at 190 million euros until February 2020, and once the record ceiling of 200 million euros. A record sum won last December by a Frenchman.

“Never has the European Euromillions lottery brought into play so many large jackpots in such a short time”, underlines the specialized site. If the average is two years between each ceiling draw, two jackpots of 200 million euros have been reached in recent weeks in less than three months.

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