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Daimler is examining the premature end of the combustion engine

Written by mac

After the truck division has been spun off, Ola Källenius is already looking into the next revolution: Mercedes could become burner-free far earlier than previously planned. The next S-Class would then be exclusively electric. But for the plan to succeed, the CEO has to rebuild the entire group.

2021 will be a fateful year for Daimler . The spin-off of the truck division is only an intermediate step towards an even more profound revolution : Mercedes could become combustion-free far earlier than previously planned.
CEO Ola Källenius wants to speed up the electric offensive . But such an accelerated change would subject the Daimler organization to a huge stress test . A war of direction is already raging in Stuttgart .
Daimler shareholders celebrate the planned spin-off of the truck division. But analysts see more potential in other auto stocks . Is it worth buying Daimler shares now ?
“We have a strong brand,” says Ola Källenius in an interview with the Handelsblatt . The Daimler CEO fears neither Tesla nor Apple – and soon wants to achieve as high margins with electric cars as with combustion engines.

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